Rube Goldberg Machine by Leonardo Pimentel Ferreria

Rube Goldberg Machine

(A Lesson in Conjunctions)


The main goal of my Rube Goldberg Machine is to knock down a pyramid of soda cans. There are some sequential steps to achieve this aim. First of all, a person starts rolling down a big green ball in a first ramp made of polystyrene. As a consequence, the big green ball hits a red small ball. Due to the impact, only the small ball goes through a bottle of water and continues rolling down the ramp. Consequently, the small ball rolls over the table and hits a stick which in turn pushes a bottle of perfume. The bottle of perfume starts rolling over the table until it falls off the table; thus it goes inside a bucket. The bucket goes down and lifts up the ramp which causes the softball rolls down over a second ramp and falls down into a second bucket. The bucket hits a bottle of water owing to the velocity of the softball. As a result, the bottle of water hits a soda can which in turn rolls down over a second table which hits a milk jar. For this reason, the milk jar falls of the second table and hits a pink ball. Because of the impact, the pink ball starts rolling over the floor bumping the pyramid of soda cans. Finally, the soda cans falls on the end board.

Alex’s speech, December 2013 Graduation Ceremony

The students in this program have come a long way since August.  Time seems so relative in these situations–three and half months seems a lot shorter than it really is.  To think of everything that has been accomplished in such a short time boggles the mind.  It’s easy to see the growth in you–I can see who you are now and who you will become.

You were all aware that your country relies on you to better not just your own future, but Brazil’s future as well, to succeed in learning at a high academic level in a language not native to you, to return as a significant asset to the investment your government has put in you.   We sat in a circle on our first day of school and introduced ourselves to each other.  You were all unfazed by the enormity of the situation you had just entered.  You had just left behind the warm comfort of your beautiful country, walking into the autumn days of Maryland to achieve something great at the prestigious institution of Morgan State University–instead of being intimidated by these circumstances, you embraced them.  Look at the friends you have made here, and the support you have built for each other.  We grew together.  Think about the future connections you have ahead for you.  You will continue to grow, and hopefully every positive experience you have here is tailed by more rewards.

This pressure has not overwhelmed any of you, and it is evident that you are all quite capable to progress into your academic studies.  In August, when you arrived, each of you took a standardized international English test, the ITEP, where the scores range from 0-6, six being masterful of the language.  It catalogued your capacity and comprehension for reading, listening and grammar.  The preliminary class average score for the upper intermediate students was 2.83, which by ITEP standards, is elementary English.  In just 14 weeks, the class has raised their average from a 2.83 to a 4.63–more than a 61% raise in English proficiency, a clear indication of Advanced English at the Upper-intermediate level.  You should all be proud of yourselves.

I’m sure I do not only speak for myself when I say that this has been a great opportunity for everyone here at Morgan State University.  I believe that with the correct momentum and continual positive structure, this opportunity can transform the English as a Second Language department into something more permanent, helping to propel Morgan State into even further domain of diversity and prestige.  I am honored have been a part of this program, and I would like to thank everyone else that has played a role in this effort.

I would like to thank Dr. Elizabeth Gunn and Ms. Agnes Moon for hiring me, and having faith in me to succeed–I too have grown immensely and could not have done this without you.  I would like to thank Dr. Joan Robinson, for putting this program together in the first place, and deliberating her efforts in South America.  I would like to thank Qimmah Nadjuleeah for being my counterpart in this operation–you are strong and direct and positive, a whole slew of positive adjective, so thanks for having made this fun.  And last, I would like the thank the all of the students here for having the courage to take the steps they are taking.  This has been a magnificent experience.

Baseball Game

This is the second time that I have gone to a baseball game in my life. Baseball is a sport that is not popular in my country, Brazil. Here, in the United States, this sport is very popular and there are many people that go to the stadium to see his or her favorite team playing.
When I arrived at Orioles Park at Camden Yards, I could see that I was in the United States and I could realize how much Americans like baseball. At the baseball game I can see the real American culture. I learned about the baseball’s rules before I went to the stadium, since I previously did not know anything about baseball. My experience on this trip was amazing; I could feel the emotion to cheer for the Baltimore Orioles, especially when the team hit a home run. When you watch a game on TV, it is not the same thing as when you go to the stadium. I could hear the people shout, “LET’S GO O’s,” and I shouted together with everyone else. It was awesome. I had a lot of fun at the game because for every break they played music, and there were cameras that could film you. You can appear on the big TV that is in the stadium, however, you need to dance and make noise or something like that to appear. I tried to do everything but I did not appear on TV. Particularly, I like to see every sport in the world and learn about the culture.
Even though the Baltimore Orioles lost the game, I enjoyed everything. For me, a loss does not matter. I really hope to go back to other baseball games and enjoy all the senses again. These are things that I will save in my memory and remind for all of my life.

Baltimore Orioles’ Game!

Baseball is one of the most famous sports in all of the United States, and Baltimore has one of the strongest and most historical teams in baseball – The Baltimore Orioles. Everyone who was watching the last game, like my friends and I, could see and feel many senses. In addition, we not just watched a game, but the whole culture behind the awesome spectacle.
The game was last week, and it was my second time at the Camden Yards Stadium, and the Baltimore Orioles were playing against the Boston Red Sox, but the O’s (what everyone calls their team) had not successfully won, and Alex (our teacher) was very sad because of that. There were a lot of things that I have never seen before, like how fans were passionate for the game, they were singing every time, “ Let’s go O’s” and “Charge”, to show the players that they have supportive fans for everything that it could happen. Also, the highlights on the Jumbotron inside the stadium showed their fans were doing many crazy things, like dancing to “The YMCA,” dancing with masks, and couples were even kissing each other. This was awesome, because the people could participate in the game. Here, in United States, sports are not just a game, one team versus another, but the whole process of this magical show.
In my country, the sports are not as lucrative as in the United States – Brazilian sports do not mean to be expensive, but what is important is that the players participate in the games and respect the fans from another team. It is difficult to see something like this in Brazil. However, the most important feeling is to be part of the team, singing every song, which shows how we are included in this magnificent festival.

Go Orioles!!!

We went to Orioles’s Game for the second time. But I could feel the same thing that I felt in my first game, because I could see what I saw just in movies: The grandiose construction with a lot of people wearing orange clothes, respect and nationalism on faces at the moment of National Anthem, children cheering and enjoying the happy moment, adults like kids such as our teacher Alex.  Another thing that we were very excited about was the big TV, because anyone can appear there, so all students tried.  Finally,  Alex and some others made an appearance.  I still do not know anything about  the game of baseball, but I loved to have gone to the game.  I really enjoyed everything that happened there: the voices cheering for their teams, the old guys selling food and drinks, and even more!  Every passing day I can feel more inserted in American culture such as food, manner, speech, life, etc.  I am really thankful for the ESL’s support, and opportunity, not just for the game, but all thing that they show us, like our excursions. I hope to remember the most here that I can, because I know that I will have a good story for posterity.

Baltimore Orioles’ game

The baseball game is one of the most popular sports in United States of America. Everybody here is a fanatic, spends much money, spends a lot of time, and they will always watch the game in the stadium. Last week, I went to Oriole Park at Camden Yards to watch the game: Baltimore Orioles vs. Boston Red Sox. There I had many experiences about this game that I never had before.
I have heard so much about Baseball, mainly from Alex because he is a fanatic. Alex tried to explain the rules for me, so when I arrived there I could understand a little bit about the game– I did not want to be lost during the game. The highlight of any given baseball game happens when a team hits a home run. It is supposed to be awesome, but unfortunately I did not see one.
I like to watch soccer so much. I like the green fields and the electric feelings, so when I entered the Oriole Park at Camden Yards, I saw how a baseball field is different than a soccer field. The soccer field has a rectangular form and the baseball field has a diamond form. There I could see how the Americans are fanatics. They were always screaming “Let’s go O’s, Let’s go O’s” and each time that a player hit the ball, everyone jumped happily.
I did not like some things at the stadium, like the strong smell of fast food, and because it rained and was cold. I would advise that whomever hasn’t been to a baseball game, they should go at least one time to have a new experience, but before go, they have to study a little bit about baseball, and then they can have fun.

Let’s go O’s!

In the afternoon of April 3rd, my class and I were accompanied by our professors and Ipals.  We went to the Oriole Park to watch a baseball game. This one was my second time in an Orioles’ game and the Baltimore Orioles played against Boston Red Sox.

This last time was better than the first time because I have learned the baseball rules through my English classes, so I could understand what was going on during the game. The point is that my professor is a baseball lover and he introduced us a very interesting vocabulary-and-grammar game with the baseball rules. Therefore, my classmates and I can learn in a different, funny and North American way to study.

One of the things that I could compare with a Brazilian game is the way how the people react during the game: they scream words of cheering and jeering, and they all seem to wear the team accessories, such as t-shirt, jacket and hat. The smell of hot dogs was everywhere, because the people eat and drink while they are watching the game. What does not happen in a Brazilian game but is very interesting is what happens between innings; the camera interacts with the people, making them appear on the screen or even sending a message with their opinions. The kiss camera is also funny.

I really enjoyed the game because I could witness one more typical American moment. I do not have a particular team in the U.S., but I wanted the Orioles to win because they represent the city where I am currently living. Unfortunately, the Baltimore Orioles lost the game; losses also happen with the best teams.

Adila Paceli Alves

O’s Game

In general all the time the game was really awesome. The sight was amazing, because the person can see a beautiful field, the big screen, the way that the state was built give us an excellent vision, the excellent stadium lighting, so the viewer is able to feel the euphoria, happiness.

Hearing: This requirement was excellent as well as in vision, the way the stadium was built give to us a perfect sound quality. There is High Definition Audio in the entire stadium.

Taste: There are many kinds of food, such as: Sandwiches, Crab Cake, Potato Fries and so on. I tried the chicken salad sandwich. It was very good. Also, there are some types of soda.

Touch: At halftime, we were walk inside the stadium and there are statues of the best players, the people are allowed to touch the statues, then we took some pictures. Where the statues there are is a beautiful garden.

Smell: The stadium is very clean. The public will not see any trash on the floor. The seats look like new, they are very clean.
So, I want to leave the message that excursion to Orioles game was an incredible. All factors that I have spoken, makes the game unforgettable. The viewer feels like inside the game.