English as a Second Language – MSU

When I arrived at Morgan State University five months ago, I was scared and afraid about all that new situation. However, even so far from home I found a family here. During these five months we build a real friendship. Also, we had such a great course that it will be impossible to forget. Every single minute at ESL was a important and funny moment. We’ve learned much more than only English language. We’ve learned about culture, art and customs. We’ve learned by not only studying, but playing games, visiting museums and festivals, going to baseball games. Even when we weren’t in class, we were learning something new from our iPals or other new friends from Morgan. Because of all these details, our English class became so important for all of us. And because it became so important for all of us, the ceremony of conclusion was so emotional. I know we’re getting another step in our journey, but it will impossible don’t miss our every day class of English.

I want to thank Dr. Gunn for everything she has done for us. She is always so patient and attentive with us, and she is always ready to help us to solve any problem.

I want to thank Miss Lauren, our first teacher at ESL, who helped us a lot in the beginning.

And I want to thank Alex who became more than a teacher, a precious friend.

Daniel Silva



I have had one of the most relevant academic experiences through of English as Second Language. Nowadays the world is increasingly globalized, and to speak more than a language is essential, especially English. However, learning a different language can be difficult if you do not use it in your daily life. Against this backdrop, the ESL program brought bright solutions toward my difficulties. Because of the natural process of learning and cultural immersion, the ESL  program has met the goal to teach English effectively in a pleasant way.

When I arrived in the USA, I had limited vocabulary. In fact, I did not speak English. Although studying was a challenge throughout those five months, the ESL program has provided fundamental ways to cope with obstacles that eventually had appeared. Via a productive way to teach, my colleagues and I have reached fantastic improvement. Also, I cannot lay aside thanks to teachers, especially Alex Lokey, who could always get our attention thereby turning his class into a funny and productive learning lab.

Another point that I have loved about the program were the excursions. I have been in excellent places that provided fun and cultural immersion. For example, a fantastic excursion through Baltimore’s bay aboard of Spirit Cruiser.

Therefore, I am glad to have taken part in this program. Now I can say that I know about the American culture beyond than one day I had imagined. In reality you just understand a nation if you understand its language.

By Joao Paulo Luz

The amazing ESL program

Being abroad, studying a new language, living far from home are some of the challenges that I have had here in the US. I am really glad I was able to finish the ESL program because this is an important goal that I have accomplished in my life. I always wanted to study English deeply; this is the first time that I am studying English in a full time program.  This is a  very successful program because of many reasons. I have had wonderful instructors: Alex and Lauren. They have taught me not only grammar, but also situations from everyday life. Lauren gave me important feedbacks and Alex is one of the best teachers I have ever had. His classes are dynamic, funny, motivating, and he really cares about what his students are learning. Thank you for the excursions, for the patience and organization from the program’s organization. In addition, the schedule was perfect. Thank you for the iPal program, I have had a nice time with my iPals Lekya and Maria. My classmates also helped me a lot. They are rather smart and intelligent. This program exceeded my expectations. I feel much more self-confident and prepared for the academic program.

The Visionary Art Museum

When I traveled to the American Visionary Art Museum for the first time, I thought it would be a great experience.  In fact, it was an amazing experience.  All of the featured art works are very unusual and expressive. Each piece of art expresses the particular reality of the creator; however, it expresses a little bit of our own reality.  At the Visionary Art Museum, I saw the most creative pieces of art that I have ever seen before. The artists exhibit moods such as happiness, sadness and tragedy in their work.  Some artists also use their artwork to show their visual of nature and also a prediction of the future. The museum becomes even more attractive when you know that the works were created by everyday people and even those with some kind of disability or trauma. That is very impressive. How could these people be so creative and expressive? How could they make all this stuff with two simple materials such as broken mirrors, batteries and doors? I will never forget how motivated I was by this museum.  Also, we had a lot of fun on the top of Federal Hill and on the Cross Street Market. It was definitely a great day.

Excursion to the Visionary Art Museum

The Visionary Art Museum is an excellent place to visit in Baltimore. There are a lot of cool things to see. By the way, the building is really awesome. It has great architecture and decoration.

My favorite arts were some interesting machines made of wood. When a button is pressed, it causes an amazing mechanic movement. The artist is so creative. In addition, I liked to play with those machines. Also, I enjoyed plenty of the other pictures and visionary arts. Among the other museums I have been to, I enjoyed the art museum in Baltimore the most.

After going to the museum, we hiked to the top of Federal Hill. I was impressed by the landscape. Great view! I will be there again. We could see  the different buildings very well and take pictures of the Inner Harbor.

We had lunch at Cross Street Market. I ate Mexican food and enjoyed my time with my pals. I appreciate the excursion. Thank you Dr. Gunn and Alex for the organization and dedication for us. Thank you guys for the companionship.

Getting to Know Baltimore

On July 10th, 2014  we went to the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore. That was  a really great experience.  We had the chance to see and learn a  little bit about technology, humans and  how some artists spend their time expressing their feeling through art. It was good to see all those wires and pictures connected which could show us some understanding of what man thinks in the past and at the moment. After  leaving the Museum, we went to Federal Hill  and Cross Street Market. Federal Hill gives you a beautiful view of the city and it is also  a good place to relax. If you are with your friends and plans to go and have a picnic those hills will be perfect. The Cross Street Market made me feel like I was at home. I didn’t expect to go to a market like that in  the USA where you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables and also enjoy an wonderful meal as you talk and spend time with your friends. Thanks to Morgan State University and all those who came along with us for giving us the chance to have these experiences during our ESL Program.

Visionary Art Museum

Last week we went to the Visionary Art Museum. It was an incredible experience. We saw a lot of artworks from unknown artists. It was interesting see how it works in the mind of an artist. All the creations that we saw, we could tell the artist who did it, because of the trait that they used on each creation. After that, we climbed to see Baltimore from the top of Federal Hill. Like always, I fell in love with the view. That neighborhood of Baltimore is charming. Then, we went to the Cross Street Market. The Cross Street Market was impressive. There have a lot of options. We could choose to eat since Japanese food until Mexican food, what is amazing. In the Cross Street Market  they have options to please all palates. I want to come back in the market someday because was very nice to know that we have things to do outside college. I hope the next visit  will be as exciting as this experience.

Art & Mind

The Visionary Art Museum is a place where art becomes so flexible and creative that I was surprised seeing those different forms of art. I paid attention in a particular  to the angel’s sculpture.  The wings was made of glasses and mirrors. Furthermore, it was fallowing among the museum stairs, because of this fact it seemed to be afraid and it hands was trying to pick up something to hold itself. I saw very different and interesting arts, for example the big bird violin that had a nest and the big egg made of ceramics, mirrors and glasses which were at outside of the museum. We could know a part of Federal Hill, the architecture, the people, the smells and the atmosphere. I appreciated a lot this visit.