ESL at Morgan State

My experience in the U.S. has been fantastic. I’ve learned English, I knew new people, I visited amazing places, and I learned more about new cultures. Study here is a wonderful experience. We are a big family now and I feel like home in Morgan State University. Undoubtedly this is the most important period in my life and I am very thankful for this oportunity. More than an Academic experience, this is a experience for the whole life. Thanks Morgan State University!



“He is a funny penguin”

The way. Our Way. It is weird how way brought me here. I have been wondering about how my choices have driven me to where I am now. Do we have control over our way? I chose being here. In the moment that I singed my TOA; I knew where it could carry me. But did I have real control over that? In that moment I was facing a fork—two different ways— and I had the choice. I could say no to all of this and stay in my safe and peaceful way. But we are made to fly. I was born to go, and I came here.
Yes, I came. And when I arrived here, a penguin asked me, “What is language?” Now, three months later, I know. Language is what I am, Language is who I am. So three months ago, I could not recognize myself in my words. When I spoke, someone was speaking for me. When I wrote, someone was writing for me. And I hated that. I was frustrated. When I looked at myself, I was afraid. I thought my choice was not the best one. Maybe I have decided on the wrong side of that fork. But the penguin helped me.
He is a funny penguin, maybe the funniest one. As a penguin he does not know how to fly, thus he needs a car, maybe the messiest one. But he does not need requests to help us, we do not need say one single word for it. I did not. And he gave me a guitar, a book, and the opportunity of being myself.
In the beginning I did not like him. His edits on my papers, they were cuts in my self-assurance. It was the penguin saying to me “you are not good enough.” And I hated that. But he helped me. He has been helping me. I am not good enough yet. But now while I am speaking and writing I can recognize myself. And I like that.
Now when I look to my way, I know. It is going to be hard, as hard as almost everything else in my life. But I am not afraid, I can say that my choice was perfect. Looking back gives me strength to keep walking. After all, we are made to fly. I was born to go, and I am going.
I do not know enough English to write how I am grateful to the penguin. So Penguin please, when you read the last word of this paper realize everything that I want to write, but I do not know how.
Thank you.


In Brazil, we do not have Thanksgiving. But here, in US, people enjoy that Holiday spending with their family. As we are not living with our families, we spent this time among friends doing something different. One more interesting visit during the ESL program: My friends and I could visit and had fun in Snowshoe, placed in West Virginia. We had the amazing experience snowboarding!! It was so much cool…and cold! I could see SNOW for the first time in my life! So beautiful! We had snow ball fight, we did angels in the snow and, also, we fell down on the snow many times…hahaha It’s ok! Very fun!

I only have good memories in my mind.




A different Thanksgiving

The English Students(ESL) and Academic Students went from Snowshoe Mountain Resort for a different Thanksgiving. It is a great place. We rented two cars to carry nine people got a great promotion of the resort. We recommend everyone to go this time of year because it is cheap and very fun.

I love Morgan State University.